A Storm Thundering So Loud (Tap Painting)

Yesterday the munchkin and I tried a simple painting technique that had stellar results. What do you think? Isn't the painting above pretty? The munchkin titled it 'A Storm Thundering So Loud.' He based it on the weather map we were watching last week when an impressive...

Adventures with Yarn Painting

The munchkin loves exploring all the different colors and types of yarn in my stash. He also gets a kick out of any activity that involves paint. So earlier this week, we decided to combine the two with a fun painting activity using yarn as the brushes.

Last Minute Preschool Valentine’s Cards (Rorschach Painting)

The munchkin has been going to preschool a few mornings a week and last week they got their first "homework" assignment. Nothing too complicated, just making Valentine's Day cards for their classmates and teacher. But not being a huge Valentine's Day person, I kinda forgot.

Cotton Ball Snowstorm Painting

We are expecting 12-16 inches of snow within the next 24 hours and to say the munchkin is excited would be an understatement. This morning he informed me of our complete itinerary: we're making smores in the fireplace and building a snowman family when it stops snowing. Then we...

Acrylic Dot Painting (Plus a Giveaway from The Land of Nod!)

We recently had the opportunity to experiment with a new painting technique and an art easel from The Land of Nod. Learn more about our art project and enter to win the easel!

DIY Snowman Christmas Ornaments (Handprint Craft)

Using plastic ornaments and a bit of paint, we made beautiful handprint snowman ornaments for my parents' Christmas tree today. My mom is going to flip when she gets these.

Capturing Garden Memories in Clay

With Autumn in full swing and our garden beginning to dwindle, we used modeling clay to capture impressions of some of our favorite plants.

Googly Eyed Halloween Pumpkins

You know what I love most about this activity? The end results are nothing like what I had in mind. I thought we were going to paint mini-pumpkins with glittery orange paint, then paint the stems a glittery green. Simple. Pretty. Done. But the munchkin had other ideas.

Painting with Watercolors, Glue and Salt

Who knew painting with watercolors, clear glue and salt could produce such beautiful results?

Secret Message Watercolor Painting

The munchkin got his first set of watercolor paints this week and I've been brainstorming ways to make water-coloring extra special for him. Then this morning it hit me: secret message painting! Doesn't that sound fun?