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Tissue Paper Portraits | Preschool Art

Tissue Paper Portraits

By On July 31, 2013

This afternoon the munchkin and I made tissue paper portraits. This is a simple project that only requires a few items you probably have around the house already. The munchkin loved it… Read More

A Storm Thundering So Loud | Preschool Tap Painting

A Storm Thundering So Loud (Tap Painting)

By On May 30, 2013

Yesterday the munchkin and I tried a simple painting technique that had stellar results. What do you think? Isn't the painting above pretty? The munchkin titled it 'A Storm Thundering So Loud.'… Read More

Preschool Sun Catchers Art Project

Beautiful Preschool Sun Catchers

By On April 5, 2013

I can be something of a hoarder when it comes to random things that have any sort of craft project potential. Empty Play-Doh and yogurt containers, leftover egg and milk cartons, an… Read More

Yarn Painting | Preschool Art Activity

Adventures with Yarn Painting

By On March 21, 2013

The munchkin loves exploring all the different colors and types of yarn in my stash. He also gets a kick out of any activity that involves paint. So earlier this week, we… Read More

Preschool Button Tree Craft Project

Our Handprint Button Tree

By On March 6, 2013

If there's one thing we have a lot of in our crafting stash, it's buttons. I can never resist a colorful collection of buttons at the store and am one of those… Read More

Last Minute Preschool Valentines Cards

Last Minute Preschool Valentine’s Cards (Rorschach Painting)

By On February 13, 2013

The munchkin has been going to preschool a few mornings a week and last week they got their first "homework" assignment. Nothing too complicated, just making Valentine's Day cards for their classmates… Read More