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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few questions that I receive on a fairly regular basis. I hope these answers are helpful.

Q. Can I send you a article or blog post for you to publish on Sweet Happy Life?
I appreciate the offer but since Sweet Happy Life is a personal blog I don’t accept articles or posts from third parties.

Q. Can you modify a recipe to meet my dietary needs?
I wish that I had the time to do so, but between a full time job and taking care of the munchkin I barely have time to post the recipes that are already on this site!

Q. Can you figure out a new way do __ art project here__? I don’t have access to some of the materials or I don’t want to use the ones you suggested.
Again I wish I had the time to respond to all of the requests for new ways to do the projects we’ve posted. I’m not an art teacher though and really our art projects/activities are just meant to share what we’ve been enjoying at home. If you discover a new way to do something though I’d love to hear about it.

Q. Can I send you a product for review?
I used to do product reviews upon request, but I no longer offer this service. It was too tricky when we received a product that we didn’t like so now I only share my opinion about products/services that we have purchased and enjoyed on our own.

Q. Will you promote my product/service in exchange for a giveaway for your readers?
It makes me nervous to promote a product or service I haven’t tried myself, so unfortunately the answer is no.

Q. Can I advertise on your site?
Yes, you can learn more about ad sizes here.