3 Fun Card Games for Preschoolers

Card games can be a wonderful way to enjoy family time together, but especially when young kids are involved you need to find the right game. It can't be too simple or the grown-ups get bored and never want to play. Similarly, it can't be too complex or the kids get frustrated...

Our Favorite February Finds

From a snack delivery service and the perfect popcorn maker, to red lipstick and kinetic sand, we discovered several cool things in February that you might like too!

Easy Carrot Cake Lucy Bars (Homemade Lärabars)

Packed with good-for-you ingredients like carrots, walnuts and dates, these easy homemade bars are the busy parent jackpot when it comes to snacks.

6 Great Apps for Traveling with Preschoolers

We recently returned from a 10hr road trip (each way) and in the process we discovered some great apps that helped keep the munchkin entertained. Since many of you may be traveling for the holidays, I thought I'd share our favorites.

Movie Review: Disney’s “Frozen”

This morning we took the munchkin to see Disney's 'Frozen' and if you're on the fence about this movie it's definitely a must see. From brave heroines and fun side-kicks, to catchy music and positive messaging, we all loved this film. I'd say it ranks right up there with the best...

Kids Book Review: Randy Riley’s Really Big Hit

We recently added Randy Riley's Really Big Hit to our regular rotation of much-loved books. It has baseball. It has robots. It has outer space. What else could you ask for?

Acrylic Dot Painting (Plus a Giveaway from The Land of Nod!)

We recently had the opportunity to experiment with a new painting technique and an art easel from The Land of Nod. Learn more about our art project and enter to win the easel!

A House in the Woods (Children’s Book Review)

It's harder than you'd think to find a book that both a toddler and his mama love enough to read over and over (and over).

Red Sled (Children’s Book Review)

Red Sled is nearly wordless but that doesn't mean the narrative is lacking. The colorful illustrations are full of personality and tell the story of woodland creatures who decide to take a child's red sled for a moonlit ride.

Our Favorite Imaginative Toys (Toddler Gift Ideas)

Some of the best toddler toys are ones that require imagination. No flashing lights or fancy buttons - just a few good props and lots of big ideas.