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Snacking Bread

Fluffy & Sweet Snacking Bread

By On April 3, 2014

This fluffy and sweet snacking bread was inspired by a traditional recipe for Portuguese Sweet Bread, as well as my reading of Brandon Sanderson's 'The Way of Kings.'… Read More

Homemade Blueberry Sauce

The Many Uses of a Simple Homemade Blueberry Sauce

By On March 21, 2014

I love recipes that can turn even the simplest meal into something special. Take this no-fuss homemade blueberry sauce. It requires only a few minutes to put together and a mere handful… Read More

Quintuple Chocolate Cookies

Quintuple Chocolate Cookies

By On February 28, 2014

Yesterday the munchkin asked if we could make chocolate cookies, and while we didn't have as much semisweet chocolate as our recipe called for, we did have various amounts of all sorts… Read More

Winter Kale Salad
Quick & Easy

Vibrant Winter Kale Salad

By On February 23, 2014

A few weeks ago my friend Kathy made an amazing winter salad for an event she was catering. Filled with good-for-you foods like kale, brussels sprouts, carrots and cabbage, after the munchkin… Read More

Vetekrans (Swedish Tea Ring)

Vetekrans (Swedish Tea Ring)

By On February 9, 2014

We all have a 'go to' recipe that we pull out of our recipe books when someone asks us to bring a dessert for dinner - and the decadent homemade pastry you… Read More

Easy Carrot Cake Lucy Bars

Easy Carrot Cake Lucy Bars (Homemade Lärabars)

By On January 4, 2014

Packed with good-for-you ingredients like carrots, walnuts and dates, these easy homemade bars are the busy parent jackpot when it comes to snacks.… Read More