DIY Halloween Frankenstein (Kid Friendly Decorations)

Halloween is almost here and that means it's nearly time for our annual kids Halloween party. One of our decorations? A 3 foot tall Frankenstein head made out of a cardboard box. Easy and fun!
DIY Garden Gnome Doors

DIY Gnome Doors for your Garden

Posted On 11 May 2013
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This week the munchkin and I made pretty Gnome doors out of popsicle sticks for our garden. The project was super easy and, much to the munchkin's delight, a gnome family has moved into the oak tree in our yard. :)

Easy Knitted Kitty Kat

I was hoping we were done with colds for the year, but yesterday the munchkin came down with a major head cold. He was so frustrated that he spent the better part of the day crying. Not knowing what else I could do for him - aside from the usual home remedies - I decided to make...

Silent Sunday: And Now We Wait

In every gardener there is a child who believes in the Seed Fairy...

Spring is in the Air: Planning Our Next Snacking Garden!

March is here and we've been making plans for our garden! Last year we created an awesome snacking garden on our apartment balcony. This year - with a big yard and a patio at our disposal - well, let's just say our imaginations are running wild.

Our DIY Knitted Elephant

One of the fun things about knitting for a 3-year-old is that the munchkin has definite ideas about what he would like me to make for him. Only a year ago I decided that I wanted to knit a simple teddy bear for him when he was having trouble sleeping. Now he peers into my...

Our Awesome Lightning McQueen Birthday Cake

The munchkin is doing better these days but his encounter with the flu earlier this month isn't 100% gone. His health is one of the reasons I haven't posted much - he hasn't been up to more than a few laid back activities. But we've still done some things that I wanted to share.

Welcoming Winter Snow with an Easy “Doctor Who” Scarf

We have a veritable winter wonderland going on here! Can you blame me if it has inspired a few nights of knitting by the fire? This easy scarf in 'Doctor Who' colors only took a few days to make and can be made by a beginner knitter. :)

DIY Snowman Christmas Ornaments (Handprint Craft)

Using plastic ornaments and a bit of paint, we made beautiful handprint snowman ornaments for my parents' Christmas tree today. My mom is going to flip when she gets these.
DIY Kids Art Display

DIY Children’s Art Display

Posted On 15 Nov 2012
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This DIY children's art display was inspired by an item I saw on Etsy. It was such an adorable concept that I had to give it a try - and turns out, it was easy to make!