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Our Awesome Lightning McQueen Birthday Cake

Lightning McQueen Cars Cake

A cake awesome enough to make up for a canceled birthday party.

The munchkin is doing much better these days but his encounter with the flu earlier this month still isn’t 100% gone. His health is one of the reasons I haven’t posted much lately – he simply hasn’t been up to more than a few laid back activities. But we’ve still done some things that I wanted to share. For instance, check out the amazing Cars cake we celebrated the munchkin’s 3rd birthday with!

This cake was created by a talented woman right here in Vermont. Her name is Beth and her business is called Frosted Fantasy Cakes. She made a Thomas the Train cake for the munchkin last year that everyone loved, so of course I went back to her this year. The cake was decorated entirely in buttercream or edible sugar decorations, which is even more impressive when you consider that the cake (chocolate inside) tasted wonderful. All too often fancy cakes are all looks. Not so with these yummy cakes.

Lightning McQueen Cars Cake

4 candles (1 for good luck)

We ended up having to cancel the munchkin’s 3rd birthday party because he was still sick and we didn’t want to expose folks to the flu, but this cake put a big smile on his face nonetheless. Thankfully my parents were in town, so between his Lightning McQueen cake and the undivided attention of his grandparents the munchkin actually enjoyed his big day.

Preschool Watercolor Art

We did some other neat things while my parents were here. My mom wanted to take one of the munchkin’s paintings home so he made one of his watercolor, glue and salt paintings for her. He decided to add a little twist by putting decorative hearts and diamonds in the glue while it was still wet. Bedazzled watercolors!

Watercolor Art

Bedazzled Watercolors

And since my parents are from Southern California I gave my dad an early birthday present to combat the negative degree Vermont winter. Made of merino wool this scarf is super warm and soft. The pattern is nearly identical to the one I used to make my husband’s Dr. Who scarf except I added a border to either side of the scarf. I’m including the pattern below in case you want to make it! And don’t worry, non-scarf projects are coming up. I’m making an elephant for the munchkin this week and am taking a class on knitting in the round next month. I’m excited!

Easy Scarf Pattern

Here’s to a happy and healthy end of January.

Easy Scarf Knitting Pattern


  • 675 yards sport weight (5ply) merino wool yarn in color of your choice
  • Size 8US knitting needles
  • Tapestry needle


Cast on 46 stitches. (If you want a wider scarf you can add more stitches in multiples of 3.)

Knit the first row.

For every other row: K2, *K2, P1*, K2
* Repeat the K2,P1 pattern until the last 2 stitches in a row, then knit (K2) those last stitches.

Continue knitting until the scarf is as long as you want it to be. Knit the last row as you bind off. Weave in the ends with a tapestry needle.

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  • The cake is really cute. I’ve made a few character cakes, but all of the piping makes my hands ache and they don’t look quite as awesome as this (mostly Superman, because one of my friends loves him to pieces).

    • I have only made a fancy decorated once for the munchkin’s 1st birthday. It was so much work! I have great admiration for anyone who makes cakes like this more than once. :)