Silent Sunday: Alton Brown’s Instant Pancakes

Alton Brown's Instant Pancakes
On lazy Sunday mornings (like today) one of our favorite breakfasts is Alton Brown’s “Instant” Pancakes. If you haven’t tried this recipe yet, you must. By making the dry mix ahead of time you get all the convenience of a boxed instant pancake mix without any of the preservatives. On pancake morning just add eggs, butter and buttermilk and you’re ready to go! The resulting pancakes always come out light, golden and fluffy. We like to top ours with banana flowers, berries and, of course, Vermont maple syrup.

You can find the pancake recipe here. We follow the recipe to the letter, except we only use 1 TBS of butter to grease our pan before cooking our pancakes. We don’t have a big griddle like Alton does. :)

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  1. Michelle @Amourbeurre

    These are gorgeous! I am trying to transition to all whole wheat in my house, so my pancake mix is a little more brown- but I love always having it mixed up and on hand!