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DIY Snowman Christmas Ornaments (Handprint Craft)

Last year I saw a neat handprint craft from Little Bit Funky that I really wanted to do. But, as so often is the case, we didn’t get around to it. Not so this year! We did it!

Aren’t these handprint snowman ornaments adorable?

Now you may wonder why we made these since we’re Jewish and hence, don’t celebrate Christmas. The answer is that my parents are Christian and they’re putting up their tree soon. In my book, that’s a perfect excuse to indulge in some Christmas crafting. :)

Making these handprint ornaments was easier than pie! I modified Little Bit Funky’s original craft by using plastic (non-shattering) Christmas ornaments from A.C. Moore. After removing the hooks, we painted each ornament using sponge brushes and gloss enamel paint from DecoArt in “Calypso Blue.” (Ignore the votive and green paint in the photo above, those were for another project we did.)

Once the blue paint dried the munchkin used a clean sponge brush to cover one of his hands in white paint. Then we gently pressed his hand onto the ornaments, leaving cute handprints behind. I liked the simple handprint look so much that we didn’t add snowmen to one of the ornaments.

After the handprints dried, I turned four of the finger prints into snowmen by adding hats, faces and buttons with acrylic paint from our crafting stash. I also added the munchkin’s name and the date to the back of each ornament. The last step was to reattach the hook on the top of each ornament after everything was dry.

That’s it! And the great thing about this craft is that kids of any age can make these ornaments. Older children can do everything themselves, preschoolers can do the blue paint and hand printing (like the munchkin did) and toddlers/babies can participate by lending their little hands for the hand print. All around a holiday win and a great gift for loved ones. :)


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