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DIY Children’s Art Display

DIY Kids Art DisplayI recently saw a children’s art display on Etsy that I thought was super cute. It had little wooden dinosaurs and green clothes pins that you could use to hang your child’s art in the living room or wherever. I almost bought it, but then I decided to do something crazy and try to make an art display myself. Turns out, it was easy to do!

What You’ll Need (Materials)

Making this art display took about 45 minutes from start to finish. I used two wooden Christmas ornaments ($1 each), some bakers twine ($4) and some mini clothes pins ($2). I also used acrylic paints and brushes that were already in our crafting stash.

DIY Kids Art Display

Assembly: Step 1

To begin, I put on an episode of Modern Family (not essential, but fun!) and painted my snowmen. I removed the rope loops they came with and did two coats of each color. A red hat, green scarf and blue mittens with polka dots seemed about right.

DIY Kids Art Display

Assembly: Step 2

Next I cut two small lengths of twine, threaded them through the hole in each snowman’s hat and tied the ends to make a loop. Then I cut a longer length of twine and tied each end next to the knots on the loops. Once that was done, I hung the snowmen up in my office and added some mini clothespins. If you ask me, office decor doesn’t get much better than that. :)