Winter Fun with Sidewalk Chalk

Posted On 26 Jan 2012
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I feel like these past few weeks have been a whirlwind. Somebody hit the light-speed button and in no less than a month the munchkin has sprouted into a little boy who sleeps in a toddler bed (bye bye crib), uses a booster seat (see ya high chair) and insists on picking his own outfits (most of which include trucks or camo).

Oh yes, and he turned TWO.

I don’t know how much more of this growing up business I can take. Slow down kid!

It’s all pretty amazing though. I love how he enjoys making decisions and asking for things, even if we can’t always do exactly what he wants. For instance, he spotted his summer sidewalk chalk yesterday. “Chalk! Want do chalk! Outside!” he pleaded. And no it did not matter to him that it was 20 degrees F outside.

But you know what? If you wet dark-colored construction paper with water it becomes a great indoor canvas for sidewalk chalk.

So we grabbed a few sheets of black construction paper, laid them on his Step2 activity table and used his jumbo paintbrushes to paint (read: soak) the paper with water. Then the munchkin went to town with his chalk, making all sorts of colorful scribbles and saying “digger digger” half the time, which I assume means he was drawing a digger. :)

It was an easy indoor activity and one that let us bring a bit of summer inside in the midst of winter. Win-win.

I couldn't resist.

Note: If you try this activity on a porous surface like wood be sure to put a plastic placemat under the construction paper because the color from the paper can bleed. I usually just use one of our Crocodile Creek placemats when doing art at the kitchen table. 

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I'm a work-at-home mom and entertainment director for my son, a.k.a. The Munchkin. When we aren't doing art, singing songs or making something tasty in the kitchen we enjoy listening to podcasts and exploring the outdoors. I'm also slightly obsessed with coffee and love to knit. :)
  1. L.M. Rosario

    So smart…

  2. Kat

    Crazy how they grow up.  It dawned on my that DD is 20 months!  WOW – and it’s amazing how she asks for things, and is starting to remember things (e.g at the end of the day, we asked who she played with that morning, and she named all 4 classmates!), and turn into a little girl!  I love the idea of wetting dark construction paper for using chalk…I’ll remember that if she asks, but usu she’s ok w/her crayons!

    • Anonymous

      They sure are turning into little people. The most natural and yet the most marvelous thing.

  3. Donna Burton

    great activity help the child with their fine skills by holding the utensils he is using, and gaining languae development by discribing what he is drawing.

    • Anonymous

      I’m glad you liked this activity! It sure was a hit with the munchkin. We might have to do it again soon.