Our Favorite Train Books, Songs, Puzzles and More

If your toddler loves trains as much as mine does, chances are you’re often on the lookout for new ways to encourage your little one’s fascination. From train books and songs to puzzles and rhymes, I created a round-up of our favorite train things:

Train Children’s Books

Below are the train books the munchkin requested most often over the past week, all of which have fun stories and illustrations that both parents and kids can enjoy.

Book titles:

Train Songs

To the tune of “Row, Row Your Boat”:
Ride, ride, ride the train
Quickly down the track.
Clickety, clickety, clickety clack
When will you be back?

Train Rhymes

A peanut sat on a railroad track
His heart was all a flutter.
Around the bend came number ten
Choo, choo, peanut butter!

Here’s a little choo-choo train
Chugging down the track
Now it goes forward
Now it goes back
Now the whistle blows
Whooooo, Whooooooo!
What a lot of noise it makes
Everywhere it goes
The train comes running back.

Over the track
Far, far away
Puffing all day
Hurry up do!
Trains cannot wait
Must not be late
Speeding along
Singing this song

Train Puzzles

We are a little obsessed with puzzles around here and below are some of the munchkin’s favorite train-themed puzzles. I’ve arranged them from easiest to hardest.

Train Toys

Thomas the Train engines and tracks comprise the biggest portion of our train collection. We don’t have a train table because I like having the munchkin come up with different track configurations every time he wants to play with his trains. It’s kinda like a puzzle and as you can see in the picture above, we have a lot of fun with it!

Train Coloring Pages

We have a big sketch pad that I use as a giant coloring book. I’ll print out coloring pages from the internet, then tape 1-2 of them on each page. I find it’s easier for the munchkin to color this way since he doesn’t have to worry about holding a smaller piece of paper steady.

About the Author
I'm a work-at-home mom and entertainment director for my son, a.k.a. The Munchkin. When we aren't doing art, singing songs or making something tasty in the kitchen we enjoy listening to podcasts and exploring the outdoors. I'm also slightly obsessed with coffee and love to knit. :)
  1. Karla G

    My son and I just went on the real-life Thomas the Train, in Grapevine, TX.  It’s our 2nd year to go, and we just love it!  My son has been in love with trains almost since birth, since his grandparents have a real track running almost through their front yard.  Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. Linda Rosario

    Geo got this for his 1st birthday and is absolutely fascinated with it!

    He loves putting the letters into the engine and watching them fly into the car.  He prefers to push the buttons rather than walk or ride on it just yet though. :)

    We love B. Toys – especially our Whacky Ball (momma likes this one after a hard day at work mostly), Fun Keys, & Stackadoos (daddy steals these..)

  3. Theresa S.

    I love The Polar Express!  FAVE!

  4. Katie

    My son has a wooden train that’s made of blocks. He thinks it’s great.

  5. Samantha D.

    My son has a love for trains. We live near a train track and we are constantly watching the trains go by. Trains was one of his first words he said! Love him! 

  6. Stephanie Mangano

    I love the illustrations in the book freight train! Thanks for reminding me of this book, I will have to share it with my son!

  7. Mercy

    Thanks for all the train related fun! My little guy is a train lover and I’m sure will enjoy the train rhymes. His favorite train song is the one form Disney’s Casey Junior train, which he heard while watching Dumbo on our first train ride. He is ALWAYS singing or humming the song. In fact, I’m always singing it, too… not out of choice, it just happens to be very catchy. Luckily it’s a cute song, though. 

    • sweethappylife

      Oh I’d forgotten about that song!! Thank you for reminding me. Adding it to our playlist. :)

  8. June

    I think I can I think I can… I love the little engine that could. I think Mira’s fave is the song “down by the station”… I love taking the train!

  9. Megan M.

    ‘The Little Engine that Could’ is a classic!

  10. Michelle Curtin

    I love The Little Engine that Could and of course, I’ll Be Working on the Railroad.  That is a classic!!

  11. Jenn

    My son loves all trains! His favorite train puzzle is the Melissa and Doug Alphabet floor train puzzle

  12. Crodenbo

    My son loves the little engine that could, and anything Thomas!

  13. ch25319

    We love the book Freight Train here and daily have our train track set up :)

  14. Janet Rose

    I readed the “The Little Engine That Could” many times to our children and now grandchildren. What would life be with out books and music!!!

  15. LoriD

    Wow, not only a great giveaway but an awesome train “round up” too! Thanks…We have always loved The Little Engine That Could as children and we can’t forget the Midnight Train to Georgia for the grown ups! :)


    The little engine that could is always a classic!

  17. AndreaDawn

    My nephew is train obsessed! :)  He was quickly potty trained by letting him wear Thomas the Train undies. He thought it was so cool!!

  18. Cindi Klemm

    Tootle the Train was the favorite train book of my son (now 29) and his son (2) is equally as obessed with trains as his daddy!

  19. colleen baccam

    My boys LOVE trains… there favorite book is My Big Train Book by priddy books, It’s just pictures of all different types of trains.

  20. Rena

    My daughter Loves her Thomas train table set!!

  21. Kristi DuBay

    Our favorite train book is “The Caboose that got loose!” Such a fun story!

  22. Christynaderi

    My son’s favorite train book is “All Aboard the Dinotrain”. It’s the best of both worlds for him.

  23. CH

    My nephew loves his Thomas the Train everything!

  24. Emilys Banks

    Xander has just recently gotten the Choo Choo bug. Right now he cuddles up with his generic Lego knock off Thomas, but he really doesn’t seem all that picky, to be honest.

  25. cynthia

    My favorite train-themed book is The Polar Express =)

  26. Lindsay

    My son’s favourite train book is “Terrific Trains” from the Amazing Machines set. He loves all of the books from this set, but I could pretty much read the Train one by heart because of the rhyming text…. he especially loves the “train parts” page at the back of the book.

  27. Bonnie

    All the boys in my family love trains, whether Thomas or Polar Express, they love them all. Great post with lots of ideas and a wonderful giveaway – thank you!

  28. Annette B

    We love Chuggieton on Disney Jr. ( I think thats how you spell it)

  29. Shandra Lenae

    What a great post about trains! My little 2 year old train-lover got a engineer hat with a bright red train on it about a year ago. We can’t leave the house without it! He always gets compliments when we go out, especially from elderly (children-at-heart) men.

  30. Valerie barber

    My son has Thomas the train pjs and toys and we watch the show chuggington on tv in the am. One of his favorites and I enjoy the cuddles on the couch!

  31. Jennifer Monroe

    Who doesn’t love The Little Engene That Could? My son is 2 and loves anything related to trains because of Thomas. We have been lucky enough to see some of the old steam engines pass through town and we are going on our first train ride next weekend. Kids ride free May 12 so everyone should look into that!

  32. jess

    Love the polar express book & model train.

  33. Theresa

    The Thomas ABC puzzle is wonderful. Its amazing how much more my son is interested in learning something if there is a train on it!

  34. Maz

    So this is no good for him right now, but when he gets older (or for people with older kids), there’s Ticket To Ride, a great train game that has many different sets. I like the USA one, but the Europe one is also fun, as well as the German. I haven’t tried Nordic countries yet, but I’m sure I’d like it too. There’s an older game, Rail Barons, where you actually draw the tracks on a map with crayon – it’s complicated, but again, older kids might like it.

    Thought I’d share :)

  35. christa zimmermann

    My son loves trains, but he’s 20 months and doesn’t have many yet. We’ll probably get him some for his birthday in August. His grandma loves to pick him up and run him outside whenever the train passes her house. I love the Chattanooga Choo Choo song and would love to get the Freight Train book for my son!

  36. Shannon Cunningham

    we love the polar express in our house…and i loved the little engine that could when i was a kid. one of my son’s favorite things is his train whistle :)

  37. Yuka L.

    My son loves trains and Thomas the Train. We borrowd a fun book from the library, “Chugga Chugga, Choo Choo”.

  38. Nessa

    The polar express!!! <3 classic!!! My son has always been a huge fan of trains.. We live by selfridge air base in Michigan.. They ran a train especially around christmas with the theme of the polar express so it brings back AMAZING memories.. He was so sad they stopped the train there that I've actually been looking at getting one of the toy trains with tracks your kids can ride in the house hahahaha..s I'm gonna have to buy goodnight train I've never read it and I'm sure my son would love it so thank you for the idea <3

    Ps I LOVE b toys so what could be better than bring trains and b toys together

  39. Amanda

    What a great giveaway! At our house, we LOVE Shark vs Train by Chris Barton!

  40. Lissa Smith-Cote

    My son is still bananas for Thomas but we love to go to the library to sit in the window and watch the real trains go down the track out front!

  41. Kate Crawford

    Love the list. The song Morning Town Ride should definately added to the train songs though. My mom used to sing it to my sister and I as a lullaby and I’ll be singing it to my kids.