Sweet Happy Life

Give Me the Simple Life

I often find the things that make me happiest are also the simplest. A quiet afternoon. A cup of coffee. Cuddling with the munchkin while he’s still young enough to let me do such things.

This past week was all about the simple things.

We discovered how much fun it is to blow fluffy pom poms across a table with a drinking straw.

We saw how tomato seedlings can add sunshine to even the cloudiest day.

We learned that ordinary contact paper can become a canvas for creativity. Just tape it, sticky side up, to a window or wall… and go to town with your blocks.

And of course, we painted our mugs. Then we made funny faces in the mirror.

Lots of happy moments, made even happier by the fact that we got all of our pictures back. And if that isn’t something to celebrate, I don’t know what is.