Sweet Happy Life

Paint + Rocks = Happy Toddler

This is probably one of the easiest activities I’ve ever done with the munchkin. But you know what? It was a huge success! And by HUGE, I mean it kept him happily occupied for a good 45 minutes not once, not twice, but three times. (So far.)

So what is this activity? Painting rocks. :)

I think one of the reasons this activity is such a success with the munchkin is that it combines two of his favorite things: paint and rocks. Whether we’re painting with cars or dancing on canvases, like many kiddos he loves combining colors and making all sorts of toddler paintings with them. He also likes to collect rocks for his snacking garden and always puts 3 or 4 of them in his pockets when we’re outside. As soon as we get home he adds the new rocks to his collection, where they become building blocks and pretend animals during his playtime.

Now those rocks are canvases too.

Setting up this activity was simple: we spread our painting cloth on the balcony, scattered a few large rocks around and set out our paints. I made the activity a bit more challenging by giving him one of our small craft brushes instead of a large toddler brush. No reason we can’t get a little fine motor practice while we’re having fun!

Simple huh? When the rocks dried we decorated our garden with them. And the best part is we used washable paint so every time we want to do this activity all we need to do is dunk the rocks in a bit of water and repeat. Talk about easy and inexpensive fun.