Let’s Play with Challah: Turkey Bread!

The munchkin and I have been making a lot of animal-shaped bread lately and though I don’t usually post our results, I had to share this one: turkey-shaped challah bread!

The idea for this particular shape came from Nurturing Notes and it was very easy to make. We used our favorite honey-vanilla challah recipe and after the first rise I divided the dough into four equal parts. We shaped one of those pieces into a large ball and used it for the “turkey body.”

Then I quartered one of the remaining pieces of dough and used that for the head.

Finally we divided the rest of the dough into 28 pieces, shaped each one into a ball, then arranged them around the turkey to form the feathers. We had a bit of extra dough at the end so we used those to make the feet and the little gobble thing on the turkey’s face.

The bread then did its second rise for 1 hour, after which I cut two small slits in the face and inserted raisins for the eyes. Before baking I used the same egg wash we used on our teddy bear challah, then sprinkled the bread with 1 teaspoon of granulated sugar. It baked at 350 degrees F for 30 minutes.

When the munchkin woke up from his nap his turkey bread was all ready for snack and he could barely contain his excitement. I can’t decide what I like most: how much he enjoys making bread with me, or how happy he gets when he sees a new animal shaped loaf of challah!

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I'm a work-at-home mom and entertainment director for my son, a.k.a. The Munchkin. When we aren't doing art, singing songs or making something tasty in the kitchen we enjoy listening to podcasts and exploring the outdoors. I'm also slightly obsessed with coffee and love to knit. :)
  1. Kat

    This is toooooo adorable!!!!!!!!!!!  I don’t know that I would’ve thought to make animals out of challah, or any other bread!  How much fun!

    • Anonymous

      You should try it! So fun. I’m wondering if I should post some of our other shapes. 

  2. Seanna Lea LoBue

    That is adorable and looks like a lot of fun to eat, like monkey bread!

    • Anonymous

      Hey you’re right! I hadn’t even thought of the monkey bread connection. :)

  3. Latha

    if i were to make this for a thanksgiving lunch party at the pre-school, can you please tell me when to start with the first rise… can i let the dough rise for the 2nd time in the fridge, overnight?

    • Anonymous

      It depends, are you going to have the kids help you assemble the turkey?

      • Latha

        No Ari. I’d like to make this as a gift instead. Of course my 2 children will help me at home:) I’m very scared when it comes to baking yeasted goodies. Last time was the easter basket that i tried and it was just that – a hard, gone-beyond-recognition ‘bread’:( but this is sooo cute. i sure want to give it a try…

        • Anonymous

          In that case I would shape the bread beforehand, then let it go through its second rise just before baking. You’ll need to add an additional 45 minutes to the 2nd rise to allow the dough to come to room temperature.  

          So in other words, let it come to room temp (45 min) THEN start counting the time for the second rise.

          This is a very forgiving dough so go for it and have fun!

          • Latha

            thank you Ari. i’d sure give it a try and let you know:)

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  6. Rebecca

    Great idea!  Thanks for inspiring our turkey challah:

    • Anonymous

      That’s awesome Rebecca!! I remember seeing this on Facebook and wondering if you had seen our turkey-challah. So cool that your little guy made one too! 

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  8. Susie at DailyCheapskate

    I absolutely LOVED THIS! Reposted with full props to your innovation over here:

    • Ari

      Thanks for the tip! I’m glad you liked the idea and hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. :)

  9. Terry

    Great idea!
    I wonder if instead of making this as a Challah, you could do it with packaged biscuit dough, like Grand biscuit dough. It would probably be a lot easier, although more expensive to make.

    • Ari

      I have no idea. The challah dough is so easy to make I’ve never looked for an even simpler route. :)

  10. Averie @ Averie Cooks

    So cute! Pinned this one too – I need to try these with my daughter. Thanks for the links! :)

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