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How to Make Hand Shadow Animals

When I was a kid I thought hand shadow puppets were the coolest thing. And if I’m really honest? I still do. So when I found this how-to guide on Pinterest I couldn’t wait to give it a try with the munchkin. Turns out hand shadows are still awesome in 2011.

Yesterday evening we turned out the lights and I was able to make a camel, a duck, a bird and a cat – all while my 20-month-old was going “Wow!!” and “Ohhhh” and “Ahhh!” It was almost as if he had a cue card or something. I’m going to give the elephant and rabbit a shot tonight, and if I get really good at this I may try telling a story along with the hand shadows at some point. Not yet though. It still takes all my brain power to figure out how to make the animals. :)

(Somewhat tangentially, isn’t this hand shadow car commercial neat? Maybe something to aspire to when the relatives are visiting over the holidays huh? Kidding!)

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