3 Fun Card Games for Preschoolers

Card Games for Preschoolers

Playing “Crazy Mates” while we waited for fireworks on July 4th.

Card games can be a wonderful way to enjoy family time together, but especially when young kids are involved you need to find the right game. It can’t be too simple or the grown-ups get bored and never want to play. Similarly, it can’t be too complex or the kids get frustrated when the rules go over their heads. But games that are fun for adults and preschoolers do exist – and today I’m going to share three of our favorites with you.

Crazy Mates Card Game Crazy Mates

This one is a play on the classic “Crazy Eights” game. Instead of “Crazy Eights” you’ve got “Crazy Mates,” as in pirates! While I’ll never understand how pirates became caricatures appropriate for children, the munchkin loves this game and especially likes shouting Shiver Me Timbers!! when he wins. (The winner is required to shout in pirate-speak, you see.)

The great thing about this game is that it’s genuinely fun for adults and gives kids a chance to practice their numbers, colors and matching skills. Although rated for kids 5-9 years old, the munchkin caught on pretty quickly at 4 1/2 years old and frequently asks to play. The game comes with a set of instructions and  you can find it at

Go Fish Go Fish

In this kid-friendly version of “Go Fish” players match fish-shaped cards by color. Each player is given 5-7 cards (depending on the number of players) and then the remaining cards are spread out on the table, face-down, to create a “fish pond.” When it’s your turn you ask another player if they have a particular colored fish. If they do, they give it to you and you put your match down on the table. If they don’t, they say “go fish” and you then take a fish out of the pond to see if you have a match. When all the sets of cards have been matched the player with the most matches wins. (Or, the first player to match all their cards wins, either way works.)

This was the first card game we introduced the munchkin to and he took to it immediately. It’s fun for everyone and lets children practice colors as well as memory skills.  Like Crazy Mates, the game comes with instructions and can be found at

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